5 Reasons to Select A Loft For Your Next Event:

When planning an event, the first thing on your to-do list is finding the perfect venue. If you’re stuck on where to host your next event try thinking outside of the box with a non-traditional venue! One of our favorites is Loft venues - for a number of reasons, they are trendy, modern, and unique. There are also some great benefits for choosing a loft over a traditional private dining room or hotel ballroom, and they're often a budget-friendly option that you can transform into the perfect gathering place for your next event. Not convinced? Check out our other reasons below.

5 Reasons to Select A Loft For Your Next Event:


1. Lofts Are A Great Blank Canvas

Do you often wish you could bring in your own decor and not be restricted to what the venue has on hand? Lofts will give you a lot of opportunities to get creative with your event design. Most lofts come with minimalist design and furniture - meaning you can get creative and turn it into whatever you had in mind as your event vision. You won’t be limited to what the venue can and can’t accommodate.

Venue Pick: Laguna Beach gets some stellar sunsets, which is just one of the reasons why Skyloft is a great venue choice. This pet-friendly locale offers smokehouse meats, fresh catches, and live music - plus the option to book private events in a space that overlooks the Southern California Rivera.

2. Lofts Often Include Extras

When you’re shopping around for a loft venue, keep an eye out for extra amenities. Some boast add-on spaces like rooftop gardens, terraces, and sky-level balconies. Not only will this give you more square footage to customize, but it can also offer guests another location for continuing their conversation, ducking out for a phone call, or simply taking in the skyline.

Venue pick: Deep in the heart of Peachtree City, Georgia, The Loft at Due South can host up to 250 people in a space dripping with true Southern hospitality. From its regional cuisine to polished elegant feel, the rooms are equipped with modern A/V tech and a touch of rustic charm. Consider booking your wedding receptions, corporate retreats, or family birthdays in this stylish and sweet venue that knows just how to make you feel at home.


3. Lofts Are Versatile

A loft is like a great Little Black Dress - it can be dressed up or down. Most lofts have a chic industrial feel (exposed brick, steel beams) that is a great backdrop for any event, as a formal black-tie event, or for a more casual affair like a birthday party. It all depends on what you envision, but no matter what it will always look trendy.

Venue pick: Stillwater, Minnesota is the home to Loft at Studio J, an 1895 building that was renovated in 2013 to create a unique environment for your entertaining needs. With 4,000 square feet and room for up to 300 guests, it still boasts some of the original charms it had when it was a bunkhouse for lumberjacks in the early 1900s. It offers two VIP rooms and versatile space for the event specifications of your choosing.


4. Loft Spaces Are Everywhere!

When people think of lofts, an industrial space in a bustling downtown neighborhood often comes to mind. But the truth is that lofts exist in nearly every area, from urban to rural. From rustic barns to reinvented grain mills, you’ll delight in the options for a loft party in your own neck of the woods - and find some cool places you never knew existed.


Venue pick: Musicians Playground located in downtown crossing Boston, Massachusetts has 3,000 square foot space is located on the top floor. It features high ceilings, tons of natural light. Designed for the modern professional, it boasts beautiful furniture, a sound system for music, free wireless and workspace, and a kitchen - that would make for a memorable photoshoot, function, or team building event.

5. Lofts Offer a More Intimate, Exclusive Feel

Unlike other venues that may have two or three events happening at one time, when you rent a loft venue it is yours and only yours - this gives you exclusivity to the space and will make your event feel more intimate. Your guests won’t be confused as to where to go, and the open and airiness of a loft is a great ambiance to any soiree.

Venue pick: In the heart of Houston is a haven for all things creative. Bisong Art Gallery is more than just a room in which to marvel at exceptional feats of creativity. It’s a space to meet like-minded people, a place to celebrate, and maybe even take home a masterpiece. The multi-functional event space also serves as a meeting place for artists, collectors, and creative-minded people in downtown Houston. The gallery is inextricably tied to the community bringing people together to enjoy regular art exhibitions, workshops, painting classes, and other public events, as well as playing host to all manner of private parties, weddings, and corporate receptions.


If you're looking to give your gathering a more intimate feel, you can't go wrong with these off-the-ground event spaces. Find a loft in your part of the world and reach out to see how they can be a game-changer for your private party. They're often a budget-friendly option that you can transform into the perfect gathering place for your next event.